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I'm a Geographer specializing in Geographic Information Systems.

  • Mapping
  • Statistical Analysis using GIS
  • Field GIS data collection and processing
  • Apple ecosystem development (iOS, MacOS, iPad OS) 
  • Planning, designing, implementing Enterprise Geographic Information Systems

At the core, I'm a Geographer with a focus on Geographic Information Systems and how they can be used to improve our ability to understand the world around us.

This journey in Geography has led me to working in government, local and federal. It has presented opportunities along the way to expand my skills working in and managing teams, diving deep into GIS as a core system, and creating and nurturing inter-departmental collaboration and sharing of data and processes.

I'm a sapling in the world of Apple development. Apple's frameworks are extensive and powerful. They enable me to develop applications for play and work. Apple's ecosystem allows me to explore the worlds of 3D and AI to address challenges that I encounter.

Find me on  LinkedIn and  Twitter and feel free to connect.

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